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Samiran Salamat Company is working in the field of exporting farm crops and all kinds of fruits and vegetables in Shiraz, Iran. The existence of experienced management and experts has made this company a recognized and well-known complex in the field of fruit and vegetable exports with LOFAN brand. Samiran Salamat Co. has been able to carry out successful business services in several countries, including UAE, Oman and Qatar during its long years of activities, and deliver a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables to its customers abroad through airborne and marine shipping. Dominance over export affairs, commercial and customs laws, and speeding up the related work by its efficient management and personnel have brought about the success of the company.


The main products manufactured and exported by the company include
Group of citrus fruits
orange , tangerine, lemon
sweet lemon, persimmon
Grainy fruits
apples, grapes, pomegranates
Other fruits
cherries, plums, apricots, peaches
nectarines, watermelon, melon
Sweet peppers,cabbage and cabbage leaves
Samiran Salamat Co

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Samiran Salamat Co. has aimed at doing a growing movement towards getting more and more into the credited and economic situations of successful and international commercial companies. Hence, after long years of activities and achieving its goal, the company has always tried to provide services at the level of reputable global companies and acquire the greatest achievements along with its customers.
With more than a quarter century of experience, the company has been one of the most successful and hard-working trading companies in the field of exporting fresh fruits and vegetables in Iran. It has also been able to obtain various titles including the top national and provincial exporter, and it is proud to reach the most ideal and the best commercial position by the efforts of all its employees and experts. The products of the company include: Golden and red apples tree Kiwi Varieties of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, parsley, coriander, ... different kinds of vegetables including peppers, Indian peppers, cabbage, watermelons, melons, turnips, beetroots, and tomatoes. The above mentioned products are provided and sold in various packages according to customers’ order and requirements. Target countries: UAE, Oman, Qatar Address: street 212, Northern Ebtekar Boulevard, Ebtekar Square, Shiraz Industrial Towne.

Samiran Salamat

Our goal is supply adequate products to respectful consumers

Awards and Statues

Samiran Salamat Company was successful in achieving the following honors in its working duration for exporting different kinds of fruits and vegetables
You can see some of the company's awards here
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